Our Culture

Who are we?

Venturi, a specialist IT recruitment agency in London, was founded in 2009 by Brad Lamb & James Doyle. They were determined to build a company that put customer experience first. Our peers recognise us as one of the best in the industry and the ‘Recruiter Fast 50’ has listed us as one of the fastest growing IT recruitment agencies in the country. We do things differently and that stems from our three core values;  Invest. Inspire. Innovate

We know investing in our own talent is fundamental to our continued success and growth. Our industry-recognised training has built some of the UK’s best IT recruiters, nurturing them every step of the way from apprentice to director. With clear routes to progression and promotion, a motivating commission structure, and an exceptional incentive scheme, we understand a happy team is a productive team. But our commitments extend beyond the boundaries of our business. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme we are working to make a positive impact on the community around us. Creating a strong business and building a better society are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.

We draw inspiration from our culture.  A culture only exists because of the people who occupy it.  You can only be inspired by truly listening to others. We are constantly inspired by our people, and watching them flourish is as fulfilling experience as any. That’s why a core belief of ours is to provide bespoke tools for each member of staff, giving them the best possible chance of progressing in their career. Our successes don’t happen by accident. The represent the sum total of all the small efforts made by our team repeated day in and day out. At Venturi – people inspire people.

We do things differently here. Our success hinges on our unparalleled ability to attract and engage top technical talent.  Venturi’s Voice blog and podcast give us a distinct advantage over other IT recruitment agencies, for several reasons. By delivering rich, informative, and engaging content to our audience on a daily basis, we are able to attract and stay connected to a large network of strong candidates.  In addition, our commitment to creating valuable content helps our entire team to keep up with the rapid pace of change in tech. Technological advances are changing what our clients need, the services we provide, and how we interact with them.

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