Building & Testing the Collctiv App | Pete Casson

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Pete Casson is CTO of Collctiv, the group payments app, designed to take the hassle out of collecting money for a group purchase or booking.

With over 15 years of transforming technology within business, removing complications, and pioneering new products Pete is a sought-after expert and speaker. Having launched a World’s First Multiplayer Augmented Reality app for Education and featured as ‘App of the Day’ on the App Store, Pete has built a reputation for tackling seemingly impossible tasks.

As a trusted expert in Technology he often speaks at events, such as Google Next ’19, discussing how technology is shaping our lives, what to expect in the future and how businesses need to place technology first when developing strategies.

As CTO & Co-founder of Collctiv, Pete has developed a new simple and seamless way of allowing people to collect money from a group. In an industry that’s typically slow to change Pete developed a solution from an idea to live in 8 weeks. Already Collctiv has managed hundreds of thousands of pounds and has the interest of large firms.