Creating a Safe, Happy and Supportive Culture @ Culture Shift

Northern Powerhouse
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Culture Shift helps businesses and universities to assist their staff, students and teachers to report workplace harassment on their anonymous reporting tool. Culture Shift is the epitome of tech for good, making real, positive changes to people’s lives, by building products that empower organisations to tackle harassment and bullying.

The software is designed to empower those who are reluctant to report wrongdoing, by removing barriers to reporting, and ensuring they have a secure and confidential platform in which to do so. The software also allows victims or witnesses of harassment to access support for what they’ve experienced as well as giving organisations oversight of any worrying trends, helping them to tackle them.

As well as providing a confidential platform for reporting bullying and harassment, the software allows businesses to analyze data to identify trends that mean they can take appropriate action. They can monitor any worrying behaviour and intervene early with communications or specific training. This helps businesses to better support their employees, which in turn reduces the cost of workplace bullying-based absenteeism, staff turnover and whistleblowing related costs.

In the first half of the podcast, I sat down with Gemma McCall, CEO of Culture Shift to discuss the story behind the business and their mission to tackle harassment and bullying. In the second half of the podcast, I caught up with Chris Northwood, Head of Development, and Co-Founder and CTO Carl Sadd to talk about the technical side of the business, and their plans to scale Culture Shift in the months and years to come.