Gear4Music & Their Transition to Remote Working | Dan Cryer & Amelia Carey

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We were joined by Dan Cryer and Amelia Carey from Gear4Music to hear how the UK’s No. 1 online music store has transitioned to remote working and how they have overcome some of the unforeseen issues that have arisen whilst still taking on new employees.

Dan Cryer is a web development and technology specialist who helps manage the technical team at as the Head of Technical Operations. He is a full stack developer with a focus on PHP, MySQL and related technologies, with primary interest  in back-end development, server management, APIs and PHP optimisation.

Amelia Carey is Operations Manager at Gear4Music and the glue that holds the wider team together, responsible for people, operations and strategy.

During the difficult time of lockdown, we hear what strategies were put in place to ensure this was a smooth transition to remote working in a business of such a vast amount of employees.