Letting Innovation Drive Technology @ Hurricane Modular Commerce | Ian Venner

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Ian Venner is CTO and Co-Founder of Hurricane Modular Commerce.

Ian is a highly analytical, technically savvy C-level exec and consultant with extensive experience in delivering best-in-class, cutting-edge solutions to clients from diverse industries. He is passionate about technology, about defining, implementing and managing solutions that offer immediate value and also support business growth, both organic and planned. What drives and inspires Ian is designing bespoke solution architecture that meets exact requirements within operational and financial constraints.

Through Ian’s career, he has worked with industry leaders from media, financial services and the telecoms sectors, providing high-quality solutions such as application architecture, mobile technology and more traditional system solutions that have spearheaded the implementation of technologies. He has worked on projects such as the launch of Samsung’s Media Hub platform in the US, the first system to globally utilise the Ultraviolet/DECE model.

With strong commercial acumen and entrepreneurial vision, Ian is a confident operational and business lead, making a positive contribution to the development of wider corporate strategies that realise revenue, reputation and sustainable success in the field.

Hurricane Modular Commerce is the data partner for postal operators, online retailers, eCommerce platforms and carriers. Nothing moves without the right data and increasing global regulation is providing huge challenges to those involved in cross-border eCommerce trade.

During the podcast episode, Ben sat down with Ian to discuss left-field thinking, unconstrained design, and letting innovation drive technology.