‘Moving in’ to Manchester’s Tech Scene @ Housemates | Lydia Jones

Northern Powerhouse
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Founded by entrepreneur Lydia Jones in 2018, Housemates is both a marketplace and SaaS solution which allows students around the world book accommodation fast, secure and 100% online.

Housemates enable global PBSA operators to convert students into bookings across all acquisition channels without the associated cost. Lydia’s team has helped revolutionise multiple sectors for challenger brands such as Starling Bank and VibePay, along with those who have worked for established companies and governing bodies such as DEPT, Spareroom, the International Department of Trade and overseas student requirement specialists.

Founded in December 2018, Housemates have already been listed at No. 14 in The Top 20 Startups to Work for in 2021 in Manchester. Housemates is a truly inspiring business, and we can’t wait to follow its journey in the tech industry.

During the podcast, we spoke about how Lydia has scaled the business so quickly to where it is today, how Lydia creates job fulfillment whilst challenging and supporting her team as well as how to personally stay productive and never lose sight of the end goal.


0:45 – The amazing achievement and rapid scale of Housemates.

2:30 – Lydia’s history and involvement in the tech industry.

5:40 – The forward-thinking frictionless scale at Housemates.

8:29 – Challenging and supporting employees to create job fulfillment.

13:56 – What Lydia’s go-to resources are to continue to learn about the industry and management.

19:05 – The importance of maintaining a transparent relationship with shareholders.

23:08 – Where and how to find the perfect investors for your business.

27:10 – Lydia’s concerns about the industry.

33:30 – How to deal with the growing pressure as the business scales.

37:30 – The biggest challenge Lydia has found on her journey.