Moving Real Estate into the Digital Age @ Street Group | Thomson & Heather Staff

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Ben sat down with Thomson Staff & Heather Staff, the Co-Founders of Street Group, to discuss leading through innovation and the development of their new industry-dominating technology.

Street Group is the new name for Agent Software, the team behind Spectre & Hello Again, and their brand new product Their mission is to elevate how agents and their clients manage the process of moving home.

Street Group have three products, with one goal: To provide a seamless customer experience at every stage of their journey, enabling estate agents to achieve more by doing less using their automatic, personalised and highly targeted software.

Spectre Sales is the UK’s No.1 instruction generation tool and has generated over £12 billion of property instructions since its inception in 2015. Spectre helps agents increase market share whilst saving time via automation.

Spectre Lettings is the market leading solution for agent’s wishing to grow their lettings portfolio. Identify and automate communication with landlords when they are most likely to be considering a change of agent, such as before upcoming tenancy renewals., blending world-class technology with the expertise of your local agent. Coming Soon.

During the Podcast episode, they discussed the benefits of growing up in the industry, the thought process behind their innovative products, the importance of finding and hiring the best talent to join your business, and how to keep these individuals happy and motivated once you’ve successfully found them.


0:33 – Thomson & Heather’s deep understanding of the industry.

1:44 – Heather & Thomson’s route into the industry.

2:32 – How Spectre is changing the landscape of Estate Agency.

5:19 – A background of

8:30 – The technological revolution of Estate Agency.

13:01 – How the first version of Spectre was born.

16:28 – The importance of finding the right people to join the business.

20:52 – Keeping a collaborative culture in the business.

23:03 – The interview process, and how this is imperative to hiring decisions.

27:44 – How Street Group has continued to thrive in such a difficult time during a pandemic.