Optimising the Content that You’re Learning | Sam Williams – CompleteCoding.io

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Sam Williams is Serverless AWS Solution Architect and Consultant | Developer Training at CompleteCoding.io.

Complete Coding aim to help developers master Serverless and AWS so they can progress their careers. They also help companies who are wanting to use Serverless to deliver new features to their business

Sam previously worked at Mission Labs as Lead Software Engineer before making the move to Complete Coding, which has grown from a log of Sam’s journey into software development, to a thriving YouTube channel, online course platform and Serverless AWS Consultancy. Complete Coding creates content to help developers make that step up to full stack developer.

During the podcast, we spoke about everything software and careers. We talked about how Sam became a self-taught software developer from Aerospace engineering and what that change looked like. After that, we talked about how who is already in a software developer role can progress their career by planning and optimising the content that they’re learning.

Sam’s journey and progression in the industry is awe-inspiring, if you’re looking to take the next step in your software career, If you want to learn about AWS and cloud computing, want to learn how to build powerful features and become a better developer – check out the Complete Coding YouTube channel for regular tutorials and insightful content from Sam himself!


0:55 – An insight into Mission Labs, and where they fit into the world of tech.

7:19 – Sam’s Self-taught and alternative route into the software and computer science industry.

9:14 – The resources Sam used to learn about the industry and progress.

10:00 – CompleteCoding.io and how Sam is creating useful content to give back to the community.

14:28 – What Sam looks for when hiring and taking on new staff.

19:12 – The cheapest investment Sam has made in his career that’s resulted in the highest return of investment.

29:02 – The correlation between rock climbing and coding.