‘Applied predictions’ Building better outcomes with predictive models – Steve King

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Steve is CEO of Black Swan Data.

On the show Steve recites the story of how he came to found Black Swan Data. It involves the pub and a quick detour in to history. Andy also asks about Black Swan’s ‘Applied Predictions’ product and how they are helping revolutionise the data sector.   

Black Swan Data

Black Swan Data creates better outcomes through technology and the power of prediction. Their products transform the way brands create value from data, finding insights and solutions that create an advantage for their business. They analyse consumer behaviour using public and private data, then build cutting edge technology based on predictive models to create better outcomes – they call this “Applied Prediction”.



Show Notes:

00.30 The rise of Black Swan Data.

05.23 Using data to solve problems.

07.24 Data is your silver bullet.

09.15 Determining the ROI of your data team.

13.00 How much should we trust data.

17.46 Can you pick and choose your problems today?

19.24 Steve’s background and career development.

20.32 Behavioural economics and the nudge unit.

22.13 Applied prediction work.

24.41 Decentralising the internet.   

27.37 Turning problems into products.