Working with Distributed Teams – C.K. Sample

Leadership Styles
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C.K. is the CTO at HyperGiant

A leader and innovator in equal measure, C.K. started his career as a Blogger on AOL and Netscape before moving into product development roles. In his current role as Chief Technology Officer at Hypergiant Space Age Solutions, C.K. sits on the crest of the innovation wave.

On the show, Andy and C.K. discuss working in distributed teams, leadership and running sprints in World of Warcraft.

Show Notes:

00.41 C.K.’s background and HyperGiant

08.07 C.K. on Project Management 

13.10 Working Hard Isn’t all that Hard

16.56 Personalising Processes

19.20 Working in Distributed Teams

19.54 Dev Meetings in World of Warcraft

27.10 Workshopping at HyperGiant